6r80 transmission torque converter

Our billet torque converters are custom built in Australia. They are strengthened and purpose built. You can expect superior performance and durability. Lead time for delivery is 2 weeks. Our billet torque converters are custom built in Australia to suit a specific transmission.

They are strengthened to provide superior performance and durability compared to the stock torque converter. Our custom billet torque converter copes with situations where the original torque converter would struggle or fail.

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For example, in most cases factory torque converters are not built to handle any power upgrades or to tow excessive weights for long distances. This may lead to overheating the transmission or contribute to poor fuel consumption. Our billet torque converters are all custom built to overcome these issues and many other inefficiencies. Moreover, our torque converter overcomes all known factory faults. There is a 2 week lead time to build this product.

This is because every one of our torque converters is custom built. Replaces factory torque converter Please note this torque converter is larger in size and therefore requires 2 lugs to be ground down inside bell housing. This will also add the following products to your cart: Torque Converter Refundable Deposit.

Built to Order means it may take up to 2 weeks to build the torque converter depending on availability and work load. Please also allow time for shipping. You have 60 days from the date of despatch to return your original torque converter for a full refund of the deposit. Lead Time: There is a 2 week lead time to build this product.

Fitting Notes: Replaces factory torque converter Please note this torque converter is larger in size and therefore requires 2 lugs to be ground down inside bell housing. Customer Reviews. Customers also bought these No reviews.I started doing my research on the process to convert the car over to the 6R80 automatic back inand it took me until now to generate the cash and knowledge to make it happen.

The 6R80 — since it is the stock automatic transmission behind the 5. The hardest part of the process is getting the electronics to talk to each other effectively, and your mileage may vary.

The Ford 6R80 Technical and swap info group on Facebook is where I was able to find the information I needed to complete this massive project, and thanks to them I had the confidence to tackle it. Amazingly, changing the transmission from one to the other was the most straightforward part of the process.

2009-2018 Ford F150 - Torque Converter Seal - Timken

I enlisted one of my lifelong friends, Joel, to come over and spend the day in the garage with me. I borrowed a high-lift transmission jack from Jason Eberle check out his awesome car feature and we got to work. The manual transmission was out of the car in about an hour; we pulled the console out, the driveshaft loose, and hooked the straps around the MT The tool pulled out the internal section of the bearing first, and then we were able to pull out the outer shell.

The total time spent doing this was about ten minutes; I count myself lucky in this respect as I have spent hours trying to remove pilot bearings in past projects. There is no easy way to show this part of the swap — changing out the manual trans harness for the 6R80 auto trans harness. Brad Norsworthy provided me with the schematic, which made it easy to go step-by-step to disconnect and remove the old harness.

It connects to the battery and goes across the front of the car to the alternator and steering rack, then back to the oxygen sensors and the back of the automatic transmission. Put simply, it was a pain in the ass. The thought process behind using this converter is that it would help to get my full-weight pig of a car up and moving quickly both on the street and at the track.

It features a triple-clutch, billet cover lockup design with furnace-brazing and TIG-welded internal fins to ensure rigidity. When installing the converter to the transmission, make sure it clicks in three times as the converter seats itself onto the input shaft. See the converter bolt through the flexplate?

Make sure you line the holes in the converter up with the holes in the flexplate before you tighten the transmission into place, because there is no way to spin the converter once the engine and 6R80 transmission are mated as one. Of course, I was off about 45 degrees, which meant that I had to stick my hand into the starter pocket and spin the converter a few degrees at a time with my fingertips until we could line the bolt holes up.

It was an unpleasant task for sure. I was lucky enough to have a spare harness extender from the header installation I did a while back and was able to route the harness around the front of the transmission along the cooler lines. At this point, Joel had to bounce, and I shut the project down for another day. With the luxury of a lift in my garage and the heavy lifting out of the way, I could take my time through the rest of the project.

The cooler bolted right into the factory holes.High-stress diesel, towing, or racing applications with increased horsepower and torque. Raybestos Powertrain GPZ friction plates greatly increase transmission performance and durability.

This state-of-the-art friction material far exceeds OE material to withstand high stress, high temperatures and repeated cycling. GPZ's outstanding performance benefits are perfect for heavy-duty vehicles and high-stress driving.

Plus, its performance improves as the power increases. For more information go to www. Automotive OEM and aftermarket customers deserve original thinking. We design, manufacture and test our automatic transmission parts with attention to every detail, from concept development to selection of raw materials and final assembly. Where to Buy. Automatic Transmission Parts. Torque Converter Parts.

Performance Parts. Friction Materials. Find Parts - Search. Ray's Garage Tech Videos. About Us. Search by Transmission. Aisin Warner. Select Make.

Select Unit. Part No. Shop Local Shop Online. Does this fit my vehicle? Friction Material. Part Type:. Related 6R80 Transmission Parts. FORD 6R Please Give us your feedback on this product We value our customer's opinions and encourage honest suggestions and feedback. Email Address. Thank you! Your submission has been received! Something went wrong while submitting the form. USA Distributors.Ford Signs Toys.

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Fuel Parts. Dash Parts Mirrors. Seat Belts Seat Covers Storage. Light Parts. Steering Yokes Other Steering Parts. Suspension Parts. Air Tanks Camping Gear Compressors. Quick 6 6R80 Transmission Control System. Item : Write a Review. Ask a Question. Installation PDF. Common source vehicles for use in Bronco and newer Ford F 4x4 equipped with the 5.

With a growing ecosystem of swap parts becoming available, it's easier than ever to adapt a 6R80 into the vehicle of your choice. Quick 6 further builds on the advanced REVolution firmware architecture of Quick 4 to deliver the most advanced stand-alone clutch-to-clutch transmission controller in the industry.That shouldn't change with a 3" extension correct?

Many drivers had to deal with replacing the transmission more than once. Adjustment of cable tension Adjustment of cable tension The gear where the lever is released from the top position y to the T-trim position x is the tension adjustment position. In the manuals for 32 rh, thanks Our -1 and -2 kit includes a Raybestos Pro Series carbon fiber flex band.

I have a VERY economical solution! Pull the cable tight, start engine and adjust pressure from high down to spec. Search: 47re Replacement. So far, I've replaced the governor pressure solenoid and sensor, Tps, adjusted the TV cable, adjusted the forward band, replaced the computer. First through third gear ranges are provided by the clutches, bands, low-roller clutch and planetary gear sets in the transmission. Treatment for abdominal adhesions is generally surgery to cut the adhesions away Adjust the squirrel cage baffles by loosening the screw that holds them to the heating unit.

The rear band controls the 3rd gear cluster and reverse. Placing 1 pound of force on the tip of the apply lever produces 4. Adjust to … The 47RE uses bands to shift gears as opposed to clutch packs.

Driving Symptoms. Your transmission is slipping due to low fluid or low pressure or wear. The 42RH used a mechanical hydraulic system. Adjusting the treatment plan based on symptom measures is one of the most important components of collaborative care.

Circle D Ford 6R80 Auto Torque Converter Dual Disc (11-17 Mustang GT/Ecoboost/F150)

Any problems with using a three inch ext on the torque wrench inch lbs. Keep in mind that one line has a check-valve in it. When this mode was activated, the gearbox drives the engine better and moved on to a higher level when the engine speed was reaching — rpm. Report Abuse.

Be sure adjusting screw turns freely in case. This is a 4 speed trans that has been converted to a 5 speed by turning on the od unit shift in first gear.

The A transmission is considered to be a heavier-duty modification of A Frequent measurement of symptoms allows the treating providers and the patient to know whether the patient 47RE 12v TV Cable Adjustment Guide.

All of the prices listed here are based on exchange. Sonnax is an industry leader in the cutting edge design, manufacture and distribution of the highest quality products to the automotive aftermarket, commercial vehicle industries, and industrial sectors utilizing drivetrain technology. P Transmission control Module Stack Overrun. Poor cooler charge at idle. Fourth gear is provided by the overdrive Issue with the second gear band is that it is your front clutch housing.

One of the most common failures for these transmissions. Other problems include inadequate transmission fluid cooling, worn gear clutches, transmission software issues, excessive towing, failed torque converter, and neglecting to perform transmission service on time. In this video I am going to show you how you can fix shifting problems on your car.

An adjustment disorder AD sometimes called exogenous, reactive, or situational depression occurs when an individual is unable to adjust to or cope with a particular stress or a major life event. Which also depends on band stretch and wear. Pull the transmission back and lower it at the same time. Adjustments to the band are made to allow the band to suppress appetite for a prolonged period of time.Welcome to our 6R80 transmission sale.

This transmission can also be found in vehicles from Mercury and Lincoln. Known for its steep first gear the 6R80 does great with low end torque, yet it has an overdrive with a six gear that is great for fuel consumption on the highway. Far more Superior than a rebuilt 6R80 that you will find most places. Our build process has been specifically designed to address some of the inherent flaws of this transmission.

We have addressed vibrations weeks and concentricity issues with our performance 6R80 lock-up torque converter.

PA68509 Torque Converter Spacer Kit for 6R80

Our vacuum tested valve bodies have been specifically designed to maintain hydraulic control. Updated accumulator dampers fight known component deterioration.

Every rear stator bushing has been upgraded to prevent failure of the e-clutch. These are just a few of the upgraded parts that go into every 6R80 to make hours one of the best in the market.

Tax excluded Delivery: 1 to 3 weeks. Vehicle Year Vehicle Year. Product Details. Reference 6RE-XP1. Condition New product.Product Description 1. New 3. Professional Perfomance Auto parts supplier. Any advantages? A: The answer is Yes. There are5 advantages. Low MOQ: It can meet your promotional business very well. OEM Accepted: We can produce any your design. Good Service: We treat clients as friend. Good Quality: We have strict quality control system.

Good reputation in the market. Q: Can I order one piece for sample to test the quality? A: Yes, We recommend to check the sample before order. Please order the sample in web. Our MOQ is 1 piece. Q: What's your payment mode and delivery?

We can accept paypal, western union and TT transfer, which payment mode do you like? Q: If I order big quantity, what's the good price? We will make the accurate quotation to you as soon as possible. Q: How to order it? A: Every order is start from the inquiry, welcome to your inquiry. Help us to confirm the order, check the product model, quantity, payment mode, and shipping mothed.

And tell the account information. Share on:. Price: RUB 77, Leading provider of high performance automatic transmissions, torque converters StreetFighter Torque Converter, Ford 6R80, Lock-Up ( RPM Stall. lock-up torque converters with new components designed specifially for applications utilizing electronic overdrive transmissions. Each converter's. Buy in monthly payments with Affirm on orders over $ Learn more.

Picture of Ford mm Pro Series 6R80 Torque Converter. Best Darn Torque Converters in the World!

6R80 Ranger/Everest Ultimate Torque Convertor Upgrade

Transmissions - Ford - 6R Questions? Not sure what converter you need? Please call Factory Toll Free 1-(). Transtar Part Number: FM Viscous Coupling Assembly for Ford BW Transfer Case. This medium-stall torque converter replaces all bearings, frictions, hubs. The 6R80 Ford triple disc billet performance converters are available for all 6R80 transmissions from to The inch billet.

The 6R80 Mega-Lock converter with its red clutch will withstand power levels of horse power. This 10 1/2 inch converter can be ordered with stall speeds of.

The Ford Ranger 6R80 Automatic Transmission is a fully electronic Transmission, it has a total of seven solenoids that are used shift the valves and control the.

Key Features of our Ford Ranger 6R80 Torque Converter Include: · Custom built · Larger diameter shell · Double kiln bronzing to prevent vanes dislodging · Brand new. Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for 6R75 / 6R80 Torque Converter, 08 and up Compatible with Ford F, Expedition.

6R80 TRANSMISSION WILL FIT FREE Torque Converter. We specialize in Honda, Acura, Chevrolet, GMC & Ford and provide with top quality rebuilds at a. L, L, L, Expedition, Navigator, Explorer, Mariner, F Transmission. 6R60, 6R75W, 6R Top View of: - Ford L, L, L.

6r80 Automatic Transmission Torque Converter Fit For Ford Ranger Diesel Car 6rre, Find Complete Details about 6r80 Automatic Transmission Torque. Sonnax Torque Converter parts for Ford 6R80, mm (Early) applications. Sonnax Transmission Company 2 Imtec Lane, Bellows Falls, VTUSA. The first is a damaged torque converter which will require a transmission rebuild to replace it. What are the most common problems of 6R80 transmission? FTI Performance offers "Trackside" Sales and Service for your transmission and converter needs at many races throughout the year.

Follow us on Facebook for. Performance Automatic Torque Converter, 10 in. 6R80 Billet Cover Triple Disc, Each - Performance Automatic. cd Circle D Pro Series BILLET mm Torque Converter - Ford 6R80 Transmission. Single-Disc Bolt-Together Torque Converter; Ford 6R80; Stall Speed: RPM. See more product details. Free Shipping - Estimated to ship direct from. Circle D Converter for Ford Mustang with Automatic 6r80 transmission.

Heavy Duty Use.